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Messing with my son when he's away at camp. #MomLife

Parenting teenage boys is fun. My son left yesterday to go to Boy Scout Camp for ten days. He should know better than to say certain things to me before he leaves, especially things like, "Don't touch my phone."

I just sent him a postcard, telling him that I've made a lot of new friends after texting everyone in his contact list. I mean, come on. We moms have to take our fun where we can get it. :-)

I'm sending out a few more postcards, telling him things like this:

Your sister is sleeping in your room this week.

I'm really enjoying posting on your Instagram account.

I deleted your Instagram and signed you up for MySpace instead. #SoRad

I found Pikachu without you.

I'm bringing quinoa salad on visiting day instead of Rice Krispies treats.

Let me know if you have any other ideas! And take into consideration that my son inherited my sense of humor and then some. :-)

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